One of my professional interests lies in the supervision of trainees and colleagues who are seeking to learn and grow as psychotherapists. This can happen through one-on-one meetings or in small groups. Over the years, I have supervised dozens of practicum students, predoctoral interns, and postdoctoral residents in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. I have also supervised numerous residents and fellows in Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry.

My supervision is broadly grounded in psychoanalytic theory and when possible I make use of process notes and video taped sessions. I enjoy teaching trainees to work with dreams, cultivate analytic listening skills, to attend to transference/countertransference, to think about defense mechanisms, and to attend to the interpersonal. Towards this latter goal, I have found it helpful to engage trainees in a discussion about their relationship with me, partly as way to explore parallel processes.

Beyond psychoanalysis, my supervision is grounded in a broad familiarity with research about psychotherapy and psychopathology. My training in neuroscience and psychophysiology has been helpful in creating a bridge to those with a medical background. I am also conversant in a number of modalities of psychotherapy and feel comfortable drawing connections between those modalities and my preferred ways of thinking.

I enjoy supervision partly as a way to pay forward the excellent training that I have received and also as a way to stay sharp and current in my thinking about our professional work. If you have questions about the possibility of working with me, in the above capacity, please send me an email.